Recover Deleted Pictures

How to Recover Deleted Photos?

Of all of the files present in a storage device, picture files are the ones which are close to our hearts. The deluge of picture files leaves us undecided on what to retain and what to delete. So, often we end up deleting the wrong file.Recovering such a file can be a big problem. However, in today’s world of endless applications, deleted picture recovery isn’t a problem whatsoever.

Reasons for Picture Deletion:

  • Accidental deletion: While previewing the pictures we may accidentally select the delete all option which results in deletion of all the images present in the system. Photos also get wiped out if we by accidentally format the device.
  • Virus attack: A virus attack on your system may damage the files and make pictures inaccessible.
  • Third party applications:Using an unreliable third party application can wipe away pictures.
  • Corrupt memory card:Images are lost when the memory card gets damaged. This may happen when there is an unexpected power surge or due to improper removal.
  • No matter what the reason for deletion is, the pictures from your system can be recovered efficiently using the photo recovery tool. It scans the entire drive to recover deleted pictures. Using this tool, pictures recovered can be sorted in particular order of name, date, size and file type. There is an application which supports recovery of android photos from android built in devices. The recovery attribute of the recovery tool is so superior that it can save the recovery process and carry out the scan at later stage. The photo recovery tool can recover deleted pictures of various formats of images such as JPEG, JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, etc. With this tool, it takes nothing to carry out Samsung deleted photo recovery or recovery of photos from cameras of any built.

    Steps to recover deleted pictures:

    Steps to be followed to be followed are:

    Step 1: Download and install the picture recovery tool in the system. Connect your device to the system. Select the "Recover Photos" option. In recover photos we have "Recover Deleted Photos" and "Recover Lost Photos". Select the "Recover Deleted Photos" option.

    Recover Deleted Pictures - Recover Photos Main Screen

    Figure 1: Recover Photos Main Screen

    Step 2: The tool scans the device. Soon the files are recovered and listed in "Data Type" or "File Type View",which can be previewed before recovering.

    Recover Deleted Pictures - Recovered Files

    Figure 2: Recovered Files

    Step 3: Select the picture files that you wish to recover and click the "Next" button to save file as required.

    Recover Deleted Pictures - Save Recovered Files

    Figure 3: Save Recovered Files

    Tips to backup photos:

    It’s always helpful to keep a back up of your pictures in a separate drive so that you can retrieve lost images when they get deleted accidentally or due to other reasons.

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