Rescue Flash Memory Card Pictures

Photo Recovery from Flash Memory Card

In this modern age, in most of the digital devices a storage device is used. A memory card is a storage device with very small size and compatible with different types of devices like mobile, camera, mp3 player, iPod and many other devices. Among different types of memory card, flash card is very popular due to its compactness and compatibility. That’s why it is used in a large number of electronic devices. In spite of these advantages, we have to face a problem of photo deletion many times unintentionally and unwontedly. If some of your important images are deleted from the flash card, don’t worry. You can easily rescue flash memory card pictures after intelligent selection of Pictures Recovery tool. You can try the prominent application that can restore pictures in mostly all scenarios. Let’s have a closer look on some scenarios which occurs most frequently.

Most of the time photos are deleted from the memory card accidentally. In large number of images, if we delete some images in hurry one can select wrong one unintentionally. Flash cards are generally used in digital camera & camcorders, and photos are deleted due accidental selection of ‘Delete All’ button at the time of preview. You can select some important images while deleting some useless pictures from the flash card connecting to the computer. But don’t panic, when files are deleted from the memory card, they will not be removed forever only its allocation information is removed from file system after that space occupied by those files are marked as reusable. So, you have an option to revive those deleted pictures if you want. This is an efficient tool to rescue those types of deleted photo files.

This card recovery tool is enough efficient to restore photo files after formatting hard drive, flash drive or other cards. Accidental formatting of the flash card either by using format card option on the camera in hurry or if you select the card drive on your PC instead of any other hard drive partition can results to the deletion of photos. Files from the card may also be deleted at the time of file transfer. If any interruption takes place at the time of the file transfer memory card data may be deleted. If you disconnect the memory card or suddenly shut down the system there is more possibility of file deletion. In all these cases you can use the utility to get back deleted data from different type of the cards such as SD, XD, etc.

There are also some other reasons responsible for data deletion from memory chip. This program is similarly useful to rescue flash memory card pictures after corruption. The memory chip may be corrupted due to junk data accumulation, virus infection, file system malfunctioning etc. you can employ this utility to bring back photos from the corrupted flash card used in Samsung, Nokia or any other branded mobiles. Flash card become inaccessible after corruption of file system and throws some error like “drive not formatted, format now”,” unsupported file system” etc. Then you must format the card and all files will be lost. To recover lost photos from your memory card, please follow this link:

Steps to rescue flash memory card pictures:

Follow the below steps to restore image from flash card:

Step 1: Iinstall the free version of photo recovery tool in the computer and connect your device to the system. To recover photos, select the "Recover Photos" option. Then, select the option you require among "Recover Deleted Photos" and "Recover Lost Photos" as shown in the Figure 1.

Rescue Flash Memory Card Pictures - Home Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen

Step 2: After that, you have to select the flash card drive from the next screen and click "Next". Then recovery process will be started, as soon as the files are recovered the images are listed in "Data Type" or "File Type View" as shown in Figure 2.

Rescue Flash Memory Card Pictures - Recovered Pictures

Figure 2: Recovered Pictures

Step 3: Recovered images can also be previewed. Select the image files that you wish to save and click the "Next" button to save file as shown in Figure 3.

Rescue Flash Memory Card Pictures - Save Recovered Pictures

Figure 3: Save Recovered Pictures

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