Get Back Pictures From USB

Software To Retrieve Pictures from USB Drive

It is very common in fashion to keep regularly used files in USB drive that is really a very facilitating portable data transportation device. Sometime, because of improper handling of USB device, user gets lose their important files. If you also are not finding your priceless picture files those were saved in USB drive, you must work out upon successful retrieval of picture files from USB drive. For this intention, it is very important to make selection of a perfect application, since these photo files may have unique significance in your special life. In addition to this, you might prefer the best photo recovery software that is Pictures Recovery. With this amazing tool, it becomes too easy and secure to get back pictures from USB drive.

When you come up with this tool, retrieval of USB drive image files remains no more like a problem. However, it is very important to have knowledge about several factors, which participate in occurrence of such data crisis during use of USB drive. Let us elaborate few most common scenarios, accountable for loss or deletion of picture files. First, you should be aware about format operation as it is one of the most general actions carried out by users. Majority of users, attempt to format USB drive in spite of deleting files via selection, whenever they need to free up USB storage space. User may also delete a picture file in an absent mind while operating on an image file. Similarly, execution of error message when you plug USB drive with computer can make user dubious and he may end with formatting the drive instantly after which, user get lose all files along with pictures from USB drive.

Incomplete file transfer procedure while transporting picture files from USB drive to computer hard disk can be a problem for you. Generally, file transfer operation halts because of existence of errors like abrupt power surge leading to system turn off, malfunctioning OS program resulting in system crash etc. It can lead to making photo files corrupted and you cannot access these files further. Additionally, ejection of pen drive from USB port while files are in use may also lead to inaccessibility of photo files, which are being transferred. Apart from these listed scenarios, damage to file system structure of USB drive, virus invasion etc are also accountable for such crisis and then you should take help of this tool to restore lost pictures, videos, sounds, documents, ppt files etc from USB drive.

Pictures Recovery application is very easy to operate on Windows and Mac computers, you have to follow only few steps provided with this tool and all media files deleted or lost from camera, hard disk, memory cards, flash drives etc will be back in healthy form. Highly capable file recovery tool supports to get back pictures from USB of more than 300 photo file type from any storage drive. To perform Samsung photo recovery, you can refer the link,

Steps to get back pictures from USB::

Step 1: After installing demo version of the software plug your USB device to the system. On Main window, select "Recover Photos" option. Then, select any one option among "Recover Deleted Photos" and "Recover Lost Photos" as shown in the Figure 1.

Get Back Pictures From USB - Home Window

Figure 1: Home Window

Step 2: After that, select the USB drive from the next screen and click "Next". Then recovery process will start, as soon as files are retrieved, pictures are listed in "Data Type" or "File Type View" as shown in Figure 2.

Get Back Pictures From USB - Retrieved Picture Files

Figure 2: Retrieved Picture Files

Step 3: Retrieved images can be previewed. Select the picture files that you wish to save and click "Next" button to save file as shown in Figure 3.

Get Back Pictures From USB - Save Restored Pictures

Figure 3: Save Restored Pictures

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Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
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